Kathy Harrington, Realtor®
Kathy Harrington, Realtor®
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    About Me

    Experience is Everything

    With 30 years of real estate experience, 

    you can trust me to be there for you

     from start to finish.   I'll make sure

     you feel confident and educated 

    every step of the way.  

    The Right Price, Always

    Condo or mansion, Buying or Selling,

     TICs? Fixer-uppers? Luxury?

     I can help with all of it. 

    Let's get you ready 

    for your real estate journey. 

    Contact me today.

    I Love Buyers & Sellers

    Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting, I'm here to support you and guide you through to the finish line. My top-notch skills ensure you get the best experience possible. 

    It’s what I love to do. 

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    Kathy Harrington-Irvin, Realtor

    1400 Chalet Suzanne Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33859